Bugtracker of MarioValdez.net Bugtracker of MarioValdez.netCMS module for Phprojekt: Recently closed tasks http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/ 2007-10-13T10:15:06Z FS#49: Java-based multiple-file uploader. 2007-10-13T10:15:06Z 2004-07-11T13:08:52Z
This has been dropped in favor of a WebDAV interface.
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FS#160: Double login. 2005-05-10T02:28:00Z 2005-02-07T08:28:24Z
We have two reports of users who have to login twice (one for Phprojekt and another for the CMS). One reported the problem since the security patch of Phprojekt (released by December 2004). The other report is when using the Compact Theme (by Mark Coudriet), but it is unknown the version or patch level of Phprojekt.

This bug has not been verified.
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FS#60: Wrong internal version and copyright legends in 0.6.0 release... 2004-07-14T05:26:58Z 2004-07-14T05:24:32Z
After 8 days online, I discovered a couple of bugs in 0.6.0 release.

The first is a missing copyright legend in the readme.txt and license.txt files about Christian Hartnick (cis@hartnick.de).

The second is that the CMS distributed as 0.6.0 thinks it is really 0.6.0b12. That affects (as far as I have checked) the remote checking of new versions availability. Other critical functions of the internal version are configuration consistency (which is not affected in this case) and bug reporting.

As of today, only 210 downloads has been done, so I decided to replace the affected packages on the site with fixed versions.

Due to a bug in the checkupdates.php script files (which answer the user if there is or not a new version available) beta users of 0.6.0bxx were not being recommended to upgrade. Well, with this change (and the fixing of the checkupdates.php script) those users will be advised to upgrade, but also those 210 users will be advised to upgrade to their current version.

Empirical risk analysis suggest that this is the less-colateral damage approach (being the other to do a new release only with two minor changes, although copyright issues are not really minor).

Fortunately, most users don't use the "Check for updates" features, so most won't be disturbed.

After uploading the new versions, I left the old MD5 checksums with a warning legend, so prior users won't get alarmed by mismatching checksums.
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FS#50: Java-based multiple-file uploader. 2004-07-11T13:16:37Z 2004-07-11T13:11:31Z
This has been discarded in favor of a WebDAV interface.
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FS#48: Add chief user to permission matrix. 2004-07-11T13:09:53Z 2004-07-11T13:07:51Z
Currently, the chief user is not an available role for the permissions-restrictions matrix. Let's add it.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:48
FS#30: Check compatibility with Phprojekt 4.2 2004-07-07T17:44:32Z 2004-07-03T17:55:23Z
TEst compatibility with Phprojekt 4.2.
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FS#6: Add skin by Mark/Psymon. 2004-07-06T19:20:21Z 2004-05-23T17:04:09Z
Add theme/skin by Mark/Psymon. Finish integration of contributed skin.
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FS#28: Compact and Mojo themes licensing vs copyright note in files 2004-07-06T08:45:20Z 2004-07-02T03:27:13Z
The compact and mojo themes by Mark Coudriet are released under a double-license (GPL and LGPL) but some legends in the source code keep the copyright note of the CMS4P module.
The CMS4P module is released only as GPL (because link directly to Phprojekt lib code which is GPL only) and cannot be changed to LGPL.
The easier solution is to change the copyright notes so the holder is Mark Coudriet, who can release them under any license he wants.
To avoid future copyright claims (not from me, of course, but who knows if I die what will happen) Mark should state "based on code by MAVR... etc".
A more complete solution would be to release those files to Mark Coudriet under LGPL so he can tag them with any legend (GPL or LPGL).
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