Bugtracker of MarioValdez.net Bugtracker of MarioValdez.netPHP SETI@home monitor: Recently edited tasks http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/ 2005-06-01T13:48:17Z FS#199: Make it show the version number of setiathome... 2005-06-01T13:48:17Z 2005-06-01T13:48:17Z
The version.sah file contains the version of the seti@home client. Make the script display it.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:199
FS#163: Use metatags to refresh the page. 2005-02-11T08:59:33Z 2005-02-11T08:59:33Z
Christian Börner (loci@locimotive.de) suggested to use meta tags to allow the browser reload the monitor page automatically.

Let's add a configuration option to do it.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:163
FS#162: Add German language translation. 2005-02-11T08:58:21Z 2005-02-11T08:58:21Z
Christian Börner (loci@locimotive.de) provided us with a German translation (partial). Let's integrate it.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:162
FS#63: PHP 5 support. 2004-07-21T02:46:46Z 2004-07-21T02:46:46Z
An user reported in the forums that the monitor is not working with PHP 5 under BSD. As PHP 5 (released at 20040713) will soon become the default branch of PHP, we need to test the monitor.

At this point it is unknown what the problem is, as we expected that the current code would run without changes with PHP 5.

Pending to check with Linux, Windows and BSD (only if cannot replicate the problem).
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:63
FS#62: Support BOINC version. 2004-07-21T02:43:00Z 2004-07-21T02:43:00Z
The new version of SETI@home based on BOINC is going to replace the old software. All data files will change. The PHP SETI@home monitor needs to support the BOINC-based release.

File formats are described here:

This is high priority, as the final date (unknown but very soon infering from migration speed) is closer.

Pending to change to BOINC and test.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:62
FS#36: No reliable remote or local process listing in Windows. 2004-07-06T19:18:55Z 2004-07-06T19:18:55Z
There is no reliable way to check for running process and running information on Windows platforms.
The solution is to add the Windows Process Viewer to the phpsetimon release.
Next version must include the Windows Process Viewer at least for local probing.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:36
FS#32: Option to store images and history data in database. 2004-07-06T08:59:04Z 2004-07-06T08:53:18Z
Currently the history data is stored in text files which are slow to parse. And images are stored as such in directories.
There should be an option to store them in a database (as suggested by Shadow schwebe@hotmail.com).
(Actually Shadow was asking to make the phpsetimon compatible with PHPKIT).
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:32
FS#34: Manage duplicated work units. 2004-07-06T08:58:22Z 2004-07-06T08:58:22Z
Sometimes the SETI site send you the same workunit again. Currently, teh seti monitor overwrite the data from the previous workunit and the event (the duplication is not recorded anywhere).
The seti monitor should keep record of all workunits, even duplicated ones.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:34
FS#33: Option to download not available skyview maps. 2004-07-06T08:56:15Z 2004-07-06T08:55:02Z
In the history listing, each work unit listed has a link to the skyview skymap file; if there is not one available, no link is displayed.
Tehre should be a link to download the skymap from SkyView site.
Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/:33