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This bug has not been verified.]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/160 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/160
FS#175: Stats don't follow access permission rules. Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Fri, 18 Mar 2005 09:07:09 -0600
Expected behavior:
Only content that can be accessed by the user should be shown.]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/175 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/175
FS#61: Syndication news in summary page. Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Wed, 14 Jul 2004 14:12:33 -0500
This is the question asked by the user:

> Is there a way to have the RSS news
> feeds show up on the Summary page
> along with the list of recent documents
> from the articles page? As it is now, you
> can only read the headlines from the
> feeds if you go to the articles page but
> it seems it would be a good idea to have
> them right there on the summary page
> along with all the other info when people log in.
> Thanks for any suggestions!]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/61 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/61
FS#59: Escaped quotes in URL links. Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Tue, 13 Jul 2004 17:24:49 -0500 Hello! I can't get URL links to work in CM documents. Having:
in a "Edit document" window, after saving I get
-CMGT-a href=\-CMDQ-redir.php?cm_elink=http://www.test.com\-CMDQ--CMLT-http://www.test.com-CMGT-/a-CMLT-
in a database. And then opening that document my link looks this way:

I use Apache with Oracle database on Windows 2000 server. If magic quotes matters, my settings in php.ini are: magic_quotes_gpc = Off
magic_quotes_runtime = Off
magic_quotes_sybase = Off]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/59 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/59
FS#60: Wrong internal version and copyright legends in 0.6.0 release... Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Wed, 14 Jul 2004 05:24:32 -0500
The first is a missing copyright legend in the readme.txt and license.txt files about Christian Hartnick (cis@hartnick.de).

The second is that the CMS distributed as 0.6.0 thinks it is really 0.6.0b12. That affects (as far as I have checked) the remote checking of new versions availability. Other critical functions of the internal version are configuration consistency (which is not affected in this case) and bug reporting.

As of today, only 210 downloads has been done, so I decided to replace the affected packages on the site with fixed versions.

Due to a bug in the checkupdates.php script files (which answer the user if there is or not a new version available) beta users of 0.6.0bxx were not being recommended to upgrade. Well, with this change (and the fixing of the checkupdates.php script) those users will be advised to upgrade, but also those 210 users will be advised to upgrade to their current version.

Empirical risk analysis suggest that this is the less-colateral damage approach (being the other to do a new release only with two minor changes, although copyright issues are not really minor).

Fortunately, most users don't use the "Check for updates" features, so most won't be disturbed.

After uploading the new versions, I left the old MD5 checksums with a warning legend, so prior users won't get alarmed by mismatching checksums.]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/60 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/60
FS#58: Public site view. Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Sun, 11 Jul 2004 15:00:06 -0500
The public view should be a external page without authentication which exposes those pages marked as public.

We still have no idea on how to implement that (only a bunch of ad-hoc scripts or a full rewrite of the existing ones [mostly to do with avoiding authentication]).]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/58 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/58
FS#57: Boolean operators and field-restricted search. Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Sun, 11 Jul 2004 14:48:17 -0500
Add restriction by fields (search only in title, body, abstract, etc).]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/57 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/57
FS#56: Improve consistency-checker tool. Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Sun, 11 Jul 2004 13:41:12 -0500
It should provide ways to fix ownership problems at least.]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/56 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/56
FS#55: Display articles of currently selected group (config option). Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez Sun, 11 Jul 2004 13:31:45 -0500
Currently, all documents from all groups of the user are shown, which was the desired behavior as designed originally.]]>
http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/55 http://www.mariovaldez.net/webapps/bugtracker2/task/55