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Author:  Guest [ 12 Apr 2006, 05:27 ]
Post subject:  Password on folders


Thanks for a fine script. Let me try to explain my question

I have a site with a login that we can call index1.php. When users enter index1.php they see a link to index2.php (wich is inside another folder on my webpage) but if users see the index2.php path they could just go right in by typing the path in the browser (like and i don't want that to happen. I tryed with
$slogin_noauthpage = 1;
$slogin_pagetitle = "title";
$slogin_path = "../../../php/";
include_once ($slogin_path . "/");
in the head of the index2.php file but then It wants me to login again even if i allready logged in on the index1.php page and followed the link from there. Sounds complex? Its prolly just my explenation who is :)
so i try with alittle ASCII graphics> directly in browser

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