Can`t upload pictures or files!
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Author:  Hmann [ 02 Jan 2005, 11:16 ]
Post subject:  Can`t upload pictures or files!

:cry: I have found the discussion about not beeing able to upload files. It did not give me any usefull hint as to how to solve this problem.
My server allows to upload files. This ist 100% shure! I am uploading files every day with my own PHP-Script. Even the Filemanager from Phprojekt is working perfectly.

As soon as I want to upload a file with CMS, using the HTML WYSWIG-Editor, I recieve the message "Files can not be uploaded to this server".

Please help me. What can I do? :?:

Author:  Mark Coudriet [ 05 Jan 2005, 08:24 ]
Post subject:  Write permissions

Are you sure that the cm directory has write permissions?

Author:  mvaldez [ 09 Jan 2005, 02:42 ]
Post subject:  Upload problem...


Is the exact message "031. File uploads are disabled in this server."?

If it is, then the problem is that the CMS module cannot check if uploads are enabled in PHP. Do the following test,

Create a file containing this line:
<?php echo get_cfg_var ("file_uploads") . "<br>" . ini_get ("file_uploads"); ?>

Then upload it to your web server (in the same directory the CMS module is published) and view it with your browser. It should display two numbers 1's. If any of them is not 1, then please tell me what version of PHP are you using, what web server, what platform and if you are using PHP as CGI or as a SAPI/ISAPI module.

In the mean time (while I debug the problem) you can disable the checking by editing the following files: fileman.php and editorup.php. Just look for a line like:
$cm_canupload = get_cfg_var ("file_uploads");

and change it to something like this:
$cm_canupload = true;

But please note that this is a workaround, not a final solution. I need to replicate your problem for a definitive solution.

Now, if the message is different, then it may be other problem. Maybe a permissions problem as Mark has already commented.


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

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