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Author:  maui1 [ 07 Apr 2003, 17:19 ]
Post subject:  Great addon

Just installed you cm addon for phprojekt 4.0. Thanks for such a great addon, and effortless install.

I have just one question, so far. How do I change the news feeds that appear on the start page. I seem to remember reading somewhere about editing display.php, but that looks like just adding potential news feeds rather than dealing with the layout on the start page.

Author:  maui1 [ 07 Apr 2003, 17:30 ]
Post subject:  Sorry, I found my own answer

Well on closer inspection I noticed the commenting in the displa.php and figured out how to manage the appearance of news feeds on the start page.

One more question, the list of feeds appears twice. If I want a news feed to appear do I have to uncomment both.

Author:  mvaldez [ 14 Apr 2003, 07:01 ]
Post subject:  Adding/deleting newsfeeds...


> the list of feeds appears twice.
> If I want a news feed to appear
> do I have to uncomment both

Yes. In display.php, each newsfeed requires a call to the function fcm_storerdf and fcm_display_rdfbox (with a call to fcm_readrdf). The function fcm_storerdf do the actual fetching. Its parameters are: URL, Uniquename and Time before refresh. The Uniquename is just a name you want to use for that newsfeed.

The parameters of fcm_display_rdfbox are: title and the output of fcm_readrdf. The parameters of fcm_readrdf are: Uniquename and the max number of entries to show.

If you are prefetching the newsfeeds with cron (in unix) or the task scheduler (in windows), then you need to edit also the dlsynd.php script file. In this dlsynd.php file you really need only the calls to fcm_storerdf.

In the next version of the CMS module, you will be able to define the newsfeeds with a form, so you won't need to edit the script files.

Good luck,

Mario A. Valdez-Ramírez.

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