CMS module 0.6.0 beta 10 for Phprojekt 4, released.
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Author:  mvaldez [ 28 Jul 2003, 20:27 ]
Post subject:  CMS module 0.6.0 beta 10 for Phprojekt 4, released.

CMS module 0.6.0 beta 10 for Phprojekt 4, released.

The content management system for the Phprojekt groupware suit allows users to easily submit/publish and edit articles in your intranet.

Recent changes:

    * More user-friendly configuration.
    * Special-announces and content-less articles.
    * User-comments pagination.
    * Syndication newsfeeds manager.
    * Improved file manager.
    * Logo image per article.
    * Cleaner CMS HTML/CSS code.
    * Improved WYSIWYG HTML editor.
    * Improved direct HTML entry support.
    * New Mozilla-compatible WYSIWYG editor.
    * Improved consistency checker.
    * Support for repositories in Windows shares.
    * Better directory listing.
    * Integration with the Summary of Phprojekt.
    * Lot of bug fixes.

This is a beta release recommended for testing and reporting. Please note that this release is not recommended for production use, only for users who can test and may want to report. No new features will be added from this beta release until the 0.6.0 final release, only bug fixes and language files changes.

You can download this new version from
or from

For your security check the MD5 checksums:
869d9ffe78ea8f5a8f4495f1a8771c59 cm4p_0.6.0b10.tar.gz

For a list of Frecuently Asked Questions, check

Directions to install or upgrade:
Follow the instructions in the included readme.txt file or visit

To send bug fixes, feature requests, comments, etc., post in the public web forums at or send email to

Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

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