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Author:  jorge [ 03 Apr 2006, 11:26 ]
Post subject:  New Beta Version

Hello and congratulations for the program

I've installed the oscpmwin_0.4.1.632 and when i go to the configuration button, the general tab is blank........

Thanks again


Author:  jorge [ 03 Apr 2006, 11:27 ]
Post subject: 

And another thing.... the conection is faster, but the products that are on the database are not showing up

Author:  mvaldez [ 03 Apr 2006, 21:27 ]
Post subject:  Beta version, empty products...


> I've installed the oscpmwin_0.4.1.632 and
> when i go to the configuration button, the
> general tab is blank........

That's a feature. :)

The options previously there are no longer needed with the new connection type.

> And another thing.... the conection is faster...


> but the products that are on the database
> are not showing up

Mmmmh. That's weird. Please do this test:

In the Configuration window, in the Network tab, enable the "Log SQL queries to file". Then connect to your store. Select several categories where there should be products. Then go to the "Tools" menu option, then choose "SQL log". A window will be displayed with the content of the SQL log file; copy the text and send it by mail to so I can check what is going on. Also tell me what osCommerce version or variant you are using.


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  mvaldez [ 04 Apr 2006, 12:43 ]
Post subject:  It was a bug in, please upgrade to

Jorge (an everybody else testing the beta version):

I received your SLQ log. It was a bug in the server-side script. Please upgrade to the version available in:


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  JL [ 19 Apr 2006, 23:24 ]
Post subject:  same problem, the base connect but tables doesn't appear...

same problem with this version as the other guy. The base connect but tables doesn't appear..
here the log file :

2006-04-20 08:17:43:483

2006-04-20 08:19:10:327|BEGIN record loading (LoadLangList)...
2006-04-20 08:19:10:327|Executing query: select languages_id, name from languages order by name
2006-04-20 08:19:10:327|Try 0 Ready... set...
2006-04-20 08:19:10:327|Go!
2006-04-20 08:19:10:577|Done!
2006-04-20 08:19:10:608|END record loading.
2006-04-20 08:19:10:608|BEGIN record loading (LoadCatList)...
2006-04-20 08:19:10:608|Executing query: select categories.categories_id, categories.parent_id, categories_description.categories_name from categories, categories_description where categories_description.categories_id= categories.categories_id and language_id=1 ORDER BY categories.parent_id, categories_description.categories_name
2006-04-20 08:19:10:608|Try 0 Ready... set...
2006-04-20 08:19:10:608|Go!
2006-04-20 08:19:11:186|Done!
2006-04-20 08:19:11:186|BEGIN record loading (LoadManList)...
2006-04-20 08:19:11:186|Executing query: select manufacturers_id, manufacturers_name from manufacturers order by manufacturers_name
2006-04-20 08:19:11:186|Try 0 Ready... set...
2006-04-20 08:19:11:186|Go!
2006-04-20 08:19:11:452|Done!
2006-04-20 08:19:11:452|BEGIN record loading (LoadTaxList)...
2006-04-20 08:19:11:452|Executing query: select tax_class.tax_class_id, tax_class_title, sum(tax_rate) from (tax_class) left join tax_rates on tax_class.tax_class_id=tax_rates.tax_class_id group by tax_class_id order by tax_class_title
2006-04-20 08:19:11:452|Try 0 Ready... set...
2006-04-20 08:19:11:452|Go!
2006-04-20 08:19:11:717|Done!
2006-04-20 08:19:11:733|BEGIN record loading (LoadDefCurrency)...
2006-04-20 08:19:11:733|Executing query: select currencies.currencies_id from currencies, configuration where configuration.configuration_key="DEFAULT_CURRENCY" and configuration.configuration_value=currencies.code
2006-04-20 08:19:11:733|Try 0 Ready... set...
2006-04-20 08:19:11:733|Go!
2006-04-20 08:19:12:014|Done!
2006-04-20 08:19:12:014|BEGIN record loading (LoadCurrencyList)...
2006-04-20 08:19:12:014|Executing query: select currencies_id, title, code, symbol_left, symbol_right, decimal_point, thousands_point, decimal_places, value from currencies order by title, code
2006-04-20 08:19:12:014|Try 0 Ready... set...
2006-04-20 08:19:12:014|Go!
2006-04-20 08:19:12:280|Done!
2006-04-20 08:19:12:280|RenderLanguageDisplay BEGIN
2006-04-20 08:19:12:280|RenderLanguageDisplay END
2006-04-20 08:19:12:280|RenderCategoryDisplay BEGIN
2006-04-20 08:19:12:280|RenderCategoryDisplay END

Author:  jeanluc [ 27 Apr 2006, 08:17 ]
Post subject:  i have the same problem too...

nothing appear.... when the database is connected...if it is well connected. Because i don't understand how the program can knows the Host adress when in this version this field doenst exist...nor the database name field.

Author:  dabserver [ 30 May 2006, 14:26 ]
Post subject:  problem with tax class in ...636 beta

i have 3 tax zones that does not mixes or plus tax rates for eac product in osc functional, but oscpmwin does!
for every 18% tax rate oscpmwin shows 54% , for every 10% tax rate oscpmwin shows 30% rate and bases jn that oscpmwin calculate the price with tax!
(also please don't forget about move function for (sub)categories)

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