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Author:  ps209 [ 11 Dec 2007, 16:08 ]
Post subject:  getting started?

I am new to this program and don't know programming language very well at all. However, I am required to set up a website with a shopping cart so I need some help. Is there a getting started instructions someone can help me with? THANKS

Author:  flyweb [ 26 Feb 2008, 00:59 ]
Post subject: 


I am not an expert but here is a simple rundown if you still need it.

1) Create your database on your site with mySQL (your hoster can help you with this).

2) Copy the"oscpm1_upload.php" file to your catalog folder (FTP)
3) Open a browser window at address You should get a green bar saying everything ok.

4) Open osCommerce Product Manager and put in your connection details ()the database username and password).

5) Then double click products to edit

Hope that helps.

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