undefined variable - slogin_lang, slogin_text in login form
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Author:  wayne [ 17 Oct 2005, 18:45 ]
Post subject:  undefined variable - slogin_lang, slogin_text in login form

Hi Mario (or anyone else who can help!)

I am developing a site that allows users to preview content but they have to register their details and then login once they get a confirmation message. I downloaded your script, configured it according to instructions and tested it with a few dummy php pages. It worked perfectly!!

The problem began when I tried to integrate it into my website.

The site is quite big so I moved it from the /var directory to the /home and it works well there. The httpd config file was amended accordingly and I restarted apache. The slogin folder was placed outside with the other site folders after unzipping. The registration form works fine. It is when I need to make the link from one page to the page that I get the following message:

Undefined variable: slogin_lang in /path/to/ on line 3
Undefined variable: slogin_text in /path/to/ on line 3

for both the username and password.

I thought these were already defined within the script. The language I am using is of course English by default. When I first tried this script out with the dummy pages I used the Password Manager to save the password. I also tried using the usernames and password that came with the file. I decided to try a new one that I created and it worked then. Since this new problem began I removed it and tried other usernames and passwords I created in my txt file. Nothing!

I thought it might be something to do with where I placed the folder which was an issue when I first installed it fdor testing with the dummy pages but then I did not get this message. So the problem was fixable.

Apart from the main configuration file I have not touched any other files.

Any suggestions?


Author:  wayne [ 18 Oct 2005, 02:22 ]
Post subject:  oops

I think this should be in the SiteFilo section :oops:

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