password login does not respond
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Author:  wayne [ 18 Oct 2005, 10:31 ]
Post subject:  password login does not respond

Hi all

This is a continuation of the thread I started on undefined variables. I have solved that problem. One way of dealing with it was to add an include_once line to the login file within the index.php page.

I think this is going to mean addressing the way all my files are linked now since I have a main folder which includes the Sitefilo scripts and a restricted folder which includes a folder for previews and a folder for members who pay a subscription.

The problem I have now is to get the script to redirect to the preview file where the users will be able to preview material before they buy once they have logged on. The login redirect URL in the config section reads something like this ... views2.php.

The funny thing is that the logout redirect URL is simply - and that works - no problems at all with that one.

I have added some usernames and passwords to my password txt file but when I put them in nothing happens. The line to the alternate php file is commented but does not help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do like this script. It meets my needs perfectly. I just need some help in making it work for me like it did when I first downloaded it and tried it out with some dummy php files.


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