New Install - A Question and an Error Message
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Author:  crudolphy [ 06 Mar 2005, 09:47 ]
Post subject:  New Install - A Question and an Error Message

Thanks for activating my account Mario :D .

I have just installed CMS as per instructions. I am able to create contect, RSS new feeds etc.

When I log into PHProjekt there is a tab between Summary and Calendar just as it is supposed to be. The tab is named "Start" if I log in as the superuser with the default skin. If I login as myself using the iklk skin it is named "Articles".

Regardless of who I log in as when I click I am presented with the main PHProjekt login in screen. At this point I can login as any user I want and I am taken to the main CMS page. If I change identities at this second login in screen it only affects CMS, I am still logged in to PHProjekt under the profile I originally logged in as. Did you intend to have CMS require a second login or have I done something wrong? Additionally is there a way to disable this if it was your intention?

Secondly when I am in the CMS module regardless of profile or permissions the following warning message is displayed:

"Warning: mb_strrpos(): Empty haystack in /var/www/html/phprojekt423/cm/display.php on line 171"

This does not seem to affect the program (yet, as I have only just begun to explore its capabilities). What should I do, if anything, to correct this?

Thanks for your efforts with this. I really appreciate it. I look forward to using it.

Author:  Mark Coudriet [ 09 Mar 2005, 06:50 ]
Post subject:  Questions

1) As to the tab being different, that is because the iklk skin is based off of my code base (I made the Compact, Reptile, & Hued themes). In my code base I named it "Articles". :wink:

2) Check this thread, I think Mario is working on it. :D ... .php?t=187

Author:  Mark Coudriet [ 09 Mar 2005, 06:57 ]
Post subject:  if you want to change

If you want to change it, goto layout/iklk/includes/

Look for - array("cms"
At the end you will see "Articles" - change to whatever you want. :lol:

Author:  crudolphy [ 10 Mar 2005, 19:01 ]
Post subject: 

Mark, thanks so much for your explanation on the tab naming. I have read some of your posts both here and at the phprojekt site with interest.

I prefer "Articles" over "Start" so if I change anything it won't be yours.

After I had posted to this forum I read a previous post regarding the login/security issue. I await Mario's work and will be thankful for it when he is done.

I am new to PHP, phprojekt, and cms. I have been working off the site to setup PHP and MySQL on my iseries server so that I can deploy phprojekt at my company. It's sites like these and the software they provide that make open source what it is. Thanks to all.

Author:  mvaldez [ 10 May 2005, 00:45 ]
Post subject:  Double-login workaround...

To anybody having the double-login problem (you login in Phprojekt and when selecting the CMS tab you are asked again to login, OR when you logout from an user and login again the CMS thinks you are still logged as the first user), read on.

If you are using Apache and PHP is running as a SAPI module, you can use a .htaccess file to enable the PHP option session.auto_start. It seems that when session.auto_start is disabled, the Phprojekt and CMS module session become dissociated (each start using a different session).

The .htaccess should contain:
  php_value session.auto_start 1
  php_value output_buffering 16000

Test and tell, please. Also, note that this is a workaround, not the final solution.


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  mvaldez [ 10 May 2005, 03:00 ]
Post subject:  Patched version of the CMS module...

To anybody having the double-login problem, you can now download a patched version of the CMS module (0.6.1) from This version 0.6.1 only addresses this bug and another minor one.

Please let me know if it works correctly in your installation.


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

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