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Author:  Psymon [ 17 Apr 2003, 16:51 ]
Post subject:  Images

In the HTML editor, are you going to include the ability to insert images?

Author:  mvaldez [ 18 Apr 2003, 11:09 ]
Post subject:  HTML editor. Insert images, upload files...


Yes, I've been thinking about it. I was planning to add this for version 0.7.0, but maybe I can change the priority to add it at 0.6.0 (which I plan to release by mid-May).


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  mvaldez [ 10 May 2003, 16:50 ]
Post subject:  Image uploads in WYSIWYG editor, now available...


The 0.6.0 version of the CMS module for Phprojekt will be released by the end of May. However, the betas will be available from next week.

This post was to note that now images can be uploaded/inserted/selected via the WYSIWYG editor. A bit hard to implement, but I think it worth it.

If you feel the urge to test it right now (not waiting for the betas) you can download the unstable version from (v20030510-1812).

Just a note: currently it only works with the WYSIWYG editor for IE, not for Mozilla. There are some issues with the Mozilla version that I need to solve before integrating the uploader.


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  Psymon [ 13 May 2003, 13:13 ]
Post subject:  New Version

Just started to integrate,

// Had to change or editor does not show
//if (($cm_is_htmlenabled) && (eregi ("MSIE", $HTTP_USER_AGENT))) {
if ($cm_is_htmlenabled) {

I'm using IE 6.0.28

I'll let you know what else I find.

Author:  mvaldez [ 13 May 2003, 14:35 ]
Post subject:  Failling to detect browser...

Hi, Psymon:

Are you using PHP in Windows?

At these moments I've been doing some final testings in other platforms and I've seen that similar problem when using PHP as ISAPI module in IIS.

The HTTP_USER_AGENT variable is a Phprojekt variable gotten using the get_env sentence, but it seems that instruction is disabled in PHP-ISAPI. I'm writting some code to overcome this problem. I'll upload it tonight.


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  Psymon [ 14 May 2003, 06:51 ]
Post subject:  That is CORRECT!

I'm using the new PHP RC, interesting...

I've also had to change every occurance of:
//$cm_indexpath = str_replace (basename (__FILE__), "", __FILE__) . $cm_mainroot . $cm_path . "/";
$cm_indexpath = $cm_mainroot . $cm_path . "/";

Otherwise the file will not upload. (Server Independance).

It's Great that you have backward compatibility with Projekt 3.3!

Right now I'm working on getting the "Insert Image" to work.
The first "Insert Image" (the button) that appears right after you upload an file will not insert any code (It's blank).
But if you go back and have already uploaded the file, it will insert the correct code.

P.S. --- Should we move this discussion to your BUG section of the forum?

Thanks for all your hard work,

Psymon =]

Author:  Psymon [ 14 May 2003, 13:03 ]
Post subject:  Other Changes

Also had to change this in editorup.php

// For image insertion -- , '$cm_ua');
// original --> echo "<div align="center"><BUTTON class="btntxt" onclick="ReturnFilename('" . $_FILES["cm_userfile"]["name"] . "', {$cm_img_dims[0]}, {$cm_img_dims[1]});">{$cm_text["edit_insertimg"]}</BUTTON></div>";

echo "<div align="center"><BUTTON class="btntxt" onclick="ReturnFilename('" . $_FILES["cm_userfile"]["name"] . "', {$cm_img_dims[0]}, {$cm_img_dims[1]}, '$cm_ua');">{$cm_text["edit_insertimg"]}</BUTTON></div>";
// End

I'll keep testing and see if there is anything else,
Psymon =]

Author:  Psymon [ 14 May 2003, 15:55 ]
Post subject:  Other Stuff

Changed these:
editor.php, editorup.php, editorm.php
// All occurances changed for server independance
//$cm_http_base = "http://$SERVER_NAME/" . substr ($PHP_SELF, 1, strrpos ($PHP_SELF, "/"));
$cm_http_base = substr ($PHP_SELF, 1, strrpos ($PHP_SELF, "/"));

//$cm_https_base = "https://$SERVER_NAME/" . substr ($PHP_SELF, 1, strrpos ($PHP_SELF, "/"));
$cm_https_base = substr ($PHP_SELF, 1, strrpos ($PHP_SELF, "/"));

But I still can't seem to get the $SERVER_NAME out of the URL.
Unless the links are relative the images will not appear.

Also, when you go to edit a document after saving, the insertion of the escape char /" messes up the document/image.
I start to get multiple ---> ///////////////////"
It keeps inserting a new escape character.

Psymon =]

Author:  mvaldez [ 14 May 2003, 21:42 ]
Post subject:  Better download the latest version...

This morning I uploaded 0.6.0a7 which fixed those problems with the image uploading, some problems with the slash-escaping of quotes (which appear when you install on a system without magic_quotes enabled) and problems with HTTP_USER_AGENT and PHP_SELF.

Yes, I think we can follow this thread in the Bug forum.

Thanks for reporting all your tests!


Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  Psymon [ 15 May 2003, 07:03 ]
Post subject:  Where???

Hi Mario!

I can't find Version 0.6.0a7, the last one posted looks like the version where the User Agent was just fixed. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Best Regards,

Mark Coudriet - A.K.A. Psymon :lol:

Author:  mvaldez [ 15 May 2003, 07:49 ]
Post subject:  Yes, that's 0.6.0a7...


Ah, that latest version is 0.6.0a7, it should be unstable 20030514-0711.

For unstable I usually use the date as version number, but internally (the code) is 0.6.0aX.

Mario A. Valdez-Ramirez.

Author:  iPsymon [ 16 May 2003, 07:11 ]
Post subject:  Moved

Moved edits over to Bug Section. :lol:


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