HTML editor: WYSIWYG or just a highlighter?
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Author:  mvaldez [ 24 Aug 2004, 01:09 ]
Post subject:  HTML editor: WYSIWYG or just a highlighter?

Currently, the Product editing window provides only a plain text area to write the description of the product. We are testing both a HTML highlighter (where HTML code is shown in different colors for easy editing) and a WYSIWYG HTML editor (where you can edit the HTML in a more-or-less WYSIWYG fashion).

What solution do you think is better for yourself?

Author:  Crni [ 12 Sep 2004, 15:08 ]
Post subject:  WYSIWYG!!!


Simply because people who will use the software don't know the HTML!? or am I wrong?
Don't forget that this sollution isn't really for site admins, developers, webmasters, but for ordinary people who will have easy tool to work with web shop.
This is in fact perfect sollution; because the ordinary people then wouldn't have to have access to admin side of web shop at all?

Had some big crashes and restauration to do simply cause people (my users) clicked something that was CLEARLY STATED - DO NOT USE! JUST FOR ADMINS!

O.C. one can always restrict the access to various admin modules. But I think this is simpler, nicer and do not forget, very much safer (in terms of integrity of admin side and access restriction).

:? :mrgreen:

Author:  Richard Bailey [ 09 Feb 2005, 10:23 ]
Post subject: 


Always WYSIWYG - this would make OSCPMWin THE killer app!!!


Author:  maniqui [ 06 Jul 2005, 07:01 ]
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if I have to choose, I would prefer a code highlighter rather than a WYSWYG, if both arent possible.
And if one has to be implemented first, I also prefer the code highlighter.

I feel more confortabe editing the code, 'cause I like to write clean, valid and semantic (x)HTML, and I use CSS for presentation.
Most of the WYSWYG editors arent capable to keep the code clean.
Maybe the XStandard can be integrated into OSCPMWin. It is an standard WYSWYG editor.

Or maybe this is a better option: to integrate the Textile (a Humane Web Text Generator) into OSCPMWin.
Textile is a tool developed by Dean Allen, author of the superb CMS: Textpattern.
Textile is an easy way to write HTML, without the need of know anything about HTML.

Once more, thanks Mario for the OSCPMWin (or as I have nicknamed it; "the Mario")

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