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Content Management System for Phprojekt (0.6.1).

What is Content Management?

It is the capture, management, storage and delivery of articles, images, sounds, raw data, and anything else you can identify as content. We are talking here about web content (although Content Management apply also to other kinds of repositories).

When you are building your intranet site, you don't want to worry about the HTML coding or the technical details of your web server; you want to focus in the content. Moreover, when you are working with a group of contributors, you want them to have control of their own content. And of course, you want it easy. That's when you need a Content Management solution.

What is the Content Management module for Phprojekt?

It is a content management system (CMS) for the Phprojekt groupware suit. It allows users to easily submit/publish and edit articles in your intranet, share files, make comments and rate the content.

To know more about the CMS module, check the Feature List or, if you are in a hurry, just download it.

What is Phprojekt?

It is an excellent open-source, web-based (php), multiplatform, groupware solution. It has group calendar, project management, time card system, file management, contact manager, mail client and other modules. You can find the Phprojekt site at www.phprojekt.com.

Do I need the Content Management module?

If you have deployed Phprojekt in your organization and the users are starting to use the Forums to post full-length articles, the Files module has become a very complex repository of documents, or your users keep asking too often Can you add these pages to the Phprojekt homepage?, then you may benefit from the CMS module.

The Content Management module for Phprojekt enables your organization increase the productivity while reducing the cost of communication by:

Enabling users to create, edit and publish content; anywhere, anytime.
Using a simple web browser, your users can write articles and share files without any previous HTML knowledge, without having to install anything extra on their computers. And they don't have to be on the same LAN, they can be anywhere in the world.

Lowering the costs of ownership.
Now you don't have to train your users or contract HTML coders to publish the content; anybody who can use a browser can publish content. In addition, the Content Management module for Phprojekt is a multiplatform development; you can install it and use it in the same platforms, same web servers and same SQL back-ends than Phprojekt.

Accelerating reaction times and improving accuracy.
No more webmaster bottleneck. With the Content Management module your users can react faster as they change the content directly, without assistance of a central person/department. Direct, faster with lower transaction costs. Your data is back into the hands of the authors/creators.

Reducing the costs of integration with the Phprojekt groupware suit.
You already have an excellent groupware suit. When integrating other CMS solutions to your Phprojekt you can spend lot of time, lot of money. With the Content Management module for Phprojekt you are ready in a matter of minutes. Use the same users and same user groups; just one logon. Forget the integration hassles.

Providing the right information to the right users.
Other CMS solutions have a flat access policy: everybody can see everything. By providing access by group and privileges by role, the Content Management module for Phprojekt let users control what groups can have access to their information; effectively increasing security, keeping privacy and reducing information overload.

A Serbo-Croatian translation of this page is available at webhostinggeeks.com by Jovana Milutinovich.

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