Configuration of the
osCommerce Product Manager for Windows (oscpmwin).

Configuration dialog window options.

These are the options you can modify when viewing the Configuration dialog window.

The options marked with * are required or the application will not work. If you are in a hurry, at least configure those marked options.

General tab

General tab, configuration window image... 689x491, 33 k

Load configuration
Load the configuration data from a file. Useful when passing to a different computer or managing several stores.

Save configuration
Save the configuration to a file. Useful to backup the configuration to use it at different conputers or when managing several stores.

Network tab

Network tab, configuration window image... 690x494, 37 k

Download speed base
This value is used only to calculate the estimated download times.

***Upload script URL
Define the URL of the script used to upload images to the OSCommerce directory. Usually the URL is /catalog/oscpm1_upload.php, but may vary depending on the configuration of OSCommerce.

HTTP connection timeout
How many milliseconds to wait before failing the connection to the server-side script server or any other web server.

HTTP connection retries
How many times to retry a connection to the server-side script server before failing.

***Database username
Define the user name to use for connecting to the database server.

***Database password
Define the password to use for connecting to the database server.

Store password in configuration
If enabled, the database password is stored in the Registry and in the exported configuration files, which is more convenient but more insecure. If disabled, the database password will be asked every time you connect to the OSCommerce server.

Log SQL queries to file
Store all SQL queries with timestamps to a file. Use it for debugging purposes.

Compress connection
Compress network traffic. This is useful when using remote link connections, not in a LAN. If you change this option, you need to disconnect and connect again.

Proxy host name
Define the host name or IP number of the proxy server to be used to download the product images. If you don't need a proxy server to browse the web, leave it empty.

Web proxy TCP port
Define the TCP port number of the web proxy.

Automatically set proxy configuration
Load the proxy configuration from the system configuration.

Use web proxy
Enables the use of a web proxy.

When to use the proxy settings
Defines if the proxy settings will be used always, only to contact the server-side script or only when looking for updates.

User interface tab

User interface tab, configuration window image... 689x494, 35 k

Remember visual position
If enabled, the program will start with the same column and window size as the last time you used it.

Hot tracking effect
If enabled, the hot track visual effect will be activeted for the category tree and the product listing.

Single click product loading
If enabled, the list of product will be downloaded for the selected category. This may be a better option for fast network links. If disabled, you will need to double click the category to download the product list. This may be better for slow network links.

Drag and drop
Enable the drag and drop of products from the product list to the category tree, to move groups of products easily between categories.

Use tooltips
If enabled, some options will display a tooltip with additional information when the mouse passes over it.

No sound
Disable all warning sounds.

Drag and drop of images
Enable the drag and drop of images from Windows Explorer to the Product Edit window, to select and upload easily the image files of products.

Donwload images automatically
When editing a product, download the image automatically. If disabled, the user will need to press a button to start the downloading of the image. This may be a better option for slow network links.

Don't allow image caching
If enabled, when downloading the product images, the program will ask the web server/web proxy to provide a fresh version, not a cached one. Enable it if you are getting the same old image even when uploading a new one (this may happen with some web proxies).

Confirm exiting
Ask the user to confirm the exiting of the program.

Show debug web data
Display the answer got from the web server when uploading image files. This is useful only for debugging purposes.

Use color stripes in lists
If enabled, the rows of some lists will be displayed in alternate colors for easier reading.

Cache image listings
If enabled, the image filenames and dirnames from the server will be cached, improving the performance of the application when uploading product images.

Center image with a click
When editing a product with multiple images, the clicked image is centered for easy viewing. However this can make more difficult the selection, uploading and reordering of the images.

Confirm deletions
Ask the user to confirm every deletion operation.

Confirm drag and drop
Ask the user to confirm every drag and drop operation.

Confirm modifications
Ask the user to confirm every modification attempt.

Confirm image uploads
Ask the user to confirm every image upload.

Confirm image deletions
Ask the user to confirm every deletion operation on the product images.

Allow zero price
If enabled, you can enter zero as a valid price for the products.

Allow negative quantity
If enabled, the quantity of a product can be negative.

Allow direct editing of image filename
If enabled, the filename of the image can be modified directly, without uploading any file.

Load defaults
Reset the user-interface options to the default values.

User interface 2 tab

User interface 2 tab, configuration window image... 688x496, 34 k

User interface language
Select the language you want to use for the menus, buttons, and other user interface controls.

Define what font to use for the user interface controls.

Maximum column size
Set the maximum column size allowed when copying to the clipboard in preformated style. Columns wider than this value will be truncated.

Reports tab

Reports tab, configuration window image... 689x492, 37 k

Edit report
Display the report-editing window to modify the layout and content of the currently selected report.

Available reports
This is the list of available reports.

Shows a testing preview of the currently selected report..

Print without preview
If disabled, when requesting a printed report.a preview will be shown first. Otherwise, the report is printed directly to the default printer.

PDF author
The name to set in the Author information of the generated PDFs.

Image management tab

Image management tab, configuration window image... 688x491, 34 k

Resize images when uploading
If enabled, the images will be resized to thumbnails when uploaded.

JPEG quality
Enter the quality of the JPEG conversion. The higher the number, the better the quality but the image size will be higher. The lower the number, the smaller the image, but the quality will be worse. Suggested values for OSCommerce are between 40 and 50.

Pad images
Only valid if aspect ratio is preserved. If enabled, resized images will be padded to fill the surrounding empty space with a color.

Keep aspect ratio
If enabled, the resized images will keep their original aspect-ratio, avoiding distortion.

Select padding color
Select the color used to pad the resized images.

***OSCommerce product images URL
Define the URL from where the images of products can be downloaded. Usually the directory is /catalog/images, but may vary depending on the configuration of OSCommerce.

External modules tab

External modules tab, configuration window image... 687x494, 39 k

Module connection timeout
How many milliseconds to wait before retrying the connection to the external module.

Module connection retries
How many attempts to do if the connection to the external module fails.

Delete module configuration
Delete the module configuration.

Available modules
This is the list of available modules already configured.

Edit module configuration
Edit the module configuration.

Add module configuration
Add a new module.

Module name
Defines the common name used to identify this module.

Command line / hostname
Defines the command line and arguments to be used when invoking the module. If the module is a remote module, it defines the remote IP address. For example, c:\modules\mod.exe param1 param2 param3 param4.

Browse for file
Browse to select the executable file to be called when running the module.

Module parameters
Parameters to be used when running the module.

Module TCP port
Define the TCP port to use to connect with the module.

Just run
Just run the program, do not wait for it to finish.

For selected records only
The module is only available if there are selected products records.

Module is remote
If enabled, the software will not try to launch a local module but it will try to connect to a module in a remote computer. If this option is enabled, the Command Line-Hostname will be interpreted as an IP address.

Index data
Defines what field to use as index. This means: what data will be send to the module to identify the product.

Result data
Defines what field the resulting data belongs to. This means: what data will return the module.

Database tables tab

Database tables tab, configuration window image... 689x492, 37 k

Name of the table categories
Enter the name of the table categories.

Name of the table manufacturers
Enter the name of the table manufacturers.

Name of the table products
Enter the name of the table products.

Name of the table languages
Enter the name of the table

Name of the table specials
Enter the name of the table specials.

Name of the table products_description
Enter the name of the table products_description.

Name of the table tax_class
Enter the name of the table tax_classs.

Name of the table currencies
Enter the name of the table currencies.

Name of the table configuration
Enter the name of the table configuration.

Name of the table products_to_categories
Enter the name of the table products_to_categories.

Name of the table categories_description
Enter the name of the table categories_description.

Name of the table tax_rates
Enter the name of the table tax_rates.

Name of the table manufacturers_info
Enter the name of the table manufacturers_info.

Load defaults
Reset the table names to the default values.

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