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PHP unlink cannot delete file

How I fixed a PHP’s unlink function problem in my development server using strace to debug PHP…
and why libtrash should not be used by the Apache user.

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Where to download Delphi Personal edition (version 7).

Borland has previously offered a downloadable version of their Delphi IDE called the “Personal edition”. Delphi 2005 Personal Edition has only been offered through some magazines in Europe, but Delphi 7 can be downloaded from the Borland website, even though they no longer advertise it. Just follow this link:

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Imitation: the ultimate form of flattery

Was Armani who said imitation is the ultimate form of flattery? Recently I found a bidding at Rent-a-coder to clone the osCommerce Product Manager for Windows (OSCPMWin). Wow, is my software that good?

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Delphi and the misplaced breakpoints case.

Debugging a Delphi applications using breakpoints within the IDE is so cool, specially if you are used to write web applications in PHP (or whatever language you prefer) without an IDE with debugging capabilities. But, what happens when your IDE behaves creative and spontaneous? In a world where you write, test, and manage releases using several platforms, Delphi should know better.

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Playing with the CueCat barcode scanner.

My CueCat barcode scanner is broken, my computer is misconfigured or I just forgot to read the proper documentation. I spend three days just to find out the NUM LOCK key was causing the CueCat to be misunderstood by Windows. Poor little kitty, nobody understands what it says.

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