Client-side WYSIWYG HTML editor for IE 0.9.

This software is too old!

This software is too old and has not been maintained for so long. If you are looking for a WYSIWYG HTML editor for your web application, look for FCK Editor and HTMLArea. They are activelly maintained, they have advanced editing features, they support both Mozilla-based (like Netscape) browsers and Internet Explorer. And of course, they are free to be used in open-source and proprietary/commercial applications (FCK Editor is LGPL, and HTMLArea has a BSD-like license). Personally, I prefer FCK Editor but feel free to try both.

This is just a quick and dirty WYSIWYG HTML editor that you can include as part of your project to let your users to insert HTML code directly thru a visual interface. This script requires IE 5.0 or better as client. This code is released under the GPL license. This script is pure DHTML (HTML with Javascript), it doesn't require any server-side scripting. The strings and help file are in Spanish but can easily be changed to any other language.

Check out the screenshot (click thumbnail to see larger image):

Try it out! (Requires IE > 5.0)

Download the code (10 K).

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