Simple Text-File Login script (SiTeFiLo) 1.0.7.

This is a simple authentication script written in PHP to be used in small websites without SQL database, using a simple text file to store the users and passwords. It allows you to password-protect any webpage of your site.


  • Users/passwords are stored in simple text file (no SQL database needed).
  • Online editing of the users/passwords file.
  • Easy to integrate with the look and feel of your website.
  • Optional code for common header and footer.
  • Optional logging of login attempts.
  • Optional MD5 hashed (encrypted) passwords.
  • Perfect for few users (<100 users).
  • Tested with IIS (Windows) and Apache (Windows and Linux).
  • Simple to install.
  • Open source. Released under the GPL license.

Do you really need this?

Are you really sure you need SiTeFiLo?... maybe you don't (keep reading).

If you are hosting your web pages in an Apache server (most web hosting services use Apache), then maybe you already have a very secure solution available: the .htaccess file. Securing your web pages with a .htaccess files is very easy, it can protect every kind of file (web pages, images, compressed files, documents, etc.) and you don't need to convert your .htm/.html files to .php.

So, if your web server is Apache (ask your provider if you are unsure) I suggest you to use the .htaccess file. To learn more about using the .htaccess file, check any of the following tutorial: Password Protection by Rod (at 4WebHelp) or Tutorials & FAQs: General: .htaccess (at UserTools).

(Also note that several hosting providers have in their control panels some option named protected directories or something like that. That kind of option provides you with a very simple way to manage your .htaccess files thru a web interface. If you have this kind of service available, you don't need the SiTeFiLo script).


  • Required: PHP 4.1.x or higher. Your web server should be able to interpret the PHP language. It really doesn't matter the platform (the SiTeFiLo script has been tested in GNU/Linux with Apache and in Windows with IIS).
  • Required: PHP must have the option register_global disabled. This option is disabled by default since PHP 5.3 and doesn't exist since PHP 7.
  • Required: A web server. The SiTeFiLo script has been tested with Apache and IIS, but it should work with any web server.


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(There are client-based solutions like using Javascript or Flash, but they are not secure; avoid them).

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