Features of the
osCommerce Product Manager for Windows (oscpmwin).

  • Add, delete, modify products records.
  • Add, delete, modify product categories.
  • Add, delete, modify product manufacturers.
  • Add, delete, modify currencies.
  • Automatic update of exchange rates of currencies.
  • Image management functions.
  • Product-image automatic resizing, padding and optimization on the fly (while uploading).
  • Multiple images per product (if your store has the More Pics 6 extension).
  • Drag and drop, move products between categories with your mouse.
  • Copy and paste, copy products between categories.
  • Group and relative operations: modify several products at once, and change prices and quantities using relative operators (add/subtract, units or percentage).
  • Broad limits (up to 50000 products, up to 20 languages, up to 10000 categories, up to 8000 manufacturers, up to 25 currencies).
  • Multilanguage, you can manage all languages in your virtual store.
  • Localizable, user interface translated to Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish (and you can easily do your own translation).
  • Database backup function.
  • Optional encrypted link to the osCommerce server (with SSL) for increased security.
  • Native Windows application.
  • Simple to install.
  • Experimental remote-module interface to synchronize prices, quantities, weights or status with external network application.
  • Image management is done thru HTTP connections. There is no need for FTP.
  • Database queries are done done thru HTTP. There is no need for a direct MySQL connection.
  • It works with web hosting servers (no need for a SSH account).
  • It is free. Released as Open Source. Released under the GPL license.

OSCPMWin is build with...

Multilanguage (localization) support
build with GNU gettext for Delphi (dxgettext)
dxgettext logo

Image processing
build with FreeImage Library
FreeImage library logo

build with FreeReport
FreeReport logo

Network connectivity
build with INDY Internet Direct
INDY logo

PDF export
build with PowerPdf
PowerPdf logo

Images and clipart
by Jakub Steiner (from the Gnome project)
Jakub Steiner logo

Optional SSL support
provided by OpenSSL library
OpenSSL logo

created with the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS)
NSIS logo

Older versions of OSCPMWin were build with...

SSH tunneling
provided by puTTY
puTTY logo

Database connectivity
build with Zeos Library
Zeos Library logo

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